Masserman Photography: Blog en-us (C) Masserman Photography (Masserman Photography) Fri, 12 Jan 2024 18:35:00 GMT Fri, 12 Jan 2024 18:35:00 GMT Masserman Photography: Blog 120 120 What Makes Photo Booths so Popular at Events? Remember arcades? Those rows of pinball machines and Pac-man and Galaga. Oh, and photo booths, pulling the curtain close and the strips of crazy black-and -whites? Remember that?! Er . . . um  . . . yeah, me neither. 


But wait a minute. You don’t have to be antique to enjoy a good photo booth. In fact, the photo booth that rose to popularity as early as the 1890s has been making a comeback since 2009 and has had a digital makeover making it a mainstay in Millenial and Gen Z culture. The 1925 “Photomaton” created by Marco Anatol Josepho created black and white prints in 8 minutes, which, in today’s “Now” culture, seems like a dryer cycle. But don’t worry, the 21st-century photo booth can create brilliant color prints, should you choose to go that route, in about 13 seconds.


While the impetus to see and be seen has driven patrons since the first photo booth, social media’s documentation of every facet of our lives has made the modern photo booth a staple of the “must be there” event. In fact, Eventective, an event planning website for the U.S. and Canada, has seen photo booth services jump in the last six years from 50 to over 1600. You might find today’s photo booths at wedding receptions, birthday parties, on retail floors, on convention centers, and more.


And why not, considering what is now available. Photo booths are eco-friendly, offer custom backdrops, digital props, filters, and can quickly print beautiful smudge-proof, water resistant photos using dye sublimation technology. But what has really made them a must at gatherings is their connection to social media. Today’s photo booth allows patrons to post pictures immediately on social media channels and even to dedicated party websites. Talk about being seen instantly. Furthermore, photos can be stored for later shares, downloads, posts, and prints.


Unlike booths of the past that would have been cumbersome to install and use at parties, current systems are more mobile and offer interesting variations. Yes, you can still get the traditional curtain set up that offers the anonymity to really be yourself (or that crazy alter-ego), but there are some truly exciting innovations. Mobile booths have increased in popularity, for example, offering lightweight technology that allows a professional to move about an event offering attendees the opportunity to take candid snaps wherever they are. And all these technologies offer extras like digital props, stickers, custom graphics, themes, and green screen technology allowing guests to project themselves in a variety of settings. You can even, with some booths, create short videos, slow motion, and animated GIFs. Some vendors are offering 360-degree technology where the camera quickly circles the patron to present views from all angles.


Photo booths then are not relics to be assigned to the bins with Atari and eight tracks. They’re a new and growing trend in digital media that makes parties pop and gives your guests the opportunity to be seen, to express themselves, and makes any event feel like a red carpet gathering.

Written by Ivan Young in partnership with silverware wholesaler Silver Superstore.

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Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot? The increasingly digital environment in which we now experience our lives has taught us just how important an image can be. We’ve never been more aware, in the wake of covid, of the importance of the space from our chests up and between our shoulders. That’s right, our headshot.


You may be bristling at that idea. Aren’t we taught not to judge a book by its cover? Sure. Don’t we live more each day in a world of difference where we are encouraged not to make decisions based on appearance? Absolutely. Do we still do it? The answer seems to be yes. A study conducted by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov measured just how quickly we form first impressions and how they correlated with lasting impressions. The stunning result: we pass judgment on those we see within 1/10 of a second and those impressions don’t seem to change much over time.


It’s thus never been more important to have a professional headshot to cast you in your best possible light. A good headshot can be used on social media sites, on hiring and networking platforms like LinkedIn, on business cards, on business websites, on marketing materials, and even on your CV/resume. If you’re not convinced yet, here are some reasons you should consider having a professional headshot done’


  1. Credibility: In a digital environment, your headshot is your first impression. It conveys a sense of your trustworthiness, professionalism, and personality. It’s the quality of that photo that may help you make first contact with prospective employers, clients, and social acquaintances.

  2. Branding: A headshot says a lot about your business persona. The right photo conveys your approach to your work and helps you connect to like minds seeking to engage in business.

  3. Confidence: A professional , well-done headshot not only boosts your confidence, but it speaks to those who view it that you take your career seriously, that you’ve invested in the work you do.

  4. Visual reminder: A headshot can be a prompt to that person you had a conversation with at a conference or on an elevator of who you are. In those crucial moments of mulling over resumes, that visual reminder may be the difference between the yes stack and trash bin.

  5. Updating: Whether you’ve just changed physically or are rebranding for a new career, a new headshot tells the story of who you are now.


Convinced? Good. But before you start trying to take that selfie or asking a friend to bring their camera over, it's worth considering hiring a professional. Professionals can help you pick the wardrobe that conveys the personality you want to project, can help with hair and makeup, will be able to set a scene that tells the story you want to tell, and have an experienced eye that will find the shot that presents you at your best.


Written by Ivan Young in partnership with Chittons conscious athleisure and activewear.

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Has the Smartphone Caught Up with the DSLR?  


It was the best of shots; it was the worst of shots. But when it comes down to the debate over whether your cell phone or the traditional DSLR produces better photos, this tale of two cameras increasingly blurs the line of quality.


Enthusiasts of DSLR will point out that their cameras produce higher resolution, are more adaptable, and offer more creative flexibility. Phone aficionados are likely to point to the compact, light-weight nature of their device, which offers the spontaneity of always having a camera available. So what’s the true story?


In answering the question, it may first be helpful to understand why phone cameras have fallen short of DSLR in the past. Photo enthusiasts know that light often makes the picture and DSLR cameras have long had larger sensors that produce higher resolution photos. They have also had better lenses and the ability to swap out a variety of lenses. In addition, DSLRs shoot in RAW format, which are uncompressed images that offer greater flexibility for editing, while phones have been limited to JPEG format. Finally, DSLRs have offered the artist more control over aperture settings, shutter speed, focus, and more.


But here is where the tale takes a twist. Sony recently announced that as early as 2024 “still images are expected to exceed ILC [interchangeable lens camera] image quality.” Skeptics may point out that Sony has a stake in the market and has a history of making big claims about technology in which they have a hand. 


However, much of their claim is based on development of a sensor that is twice the size of previous phone camera sensors, which have already largely closed the resolution gap. New smartphones now also have multiple lenses, with additional clip-on lenses available to purchase, and the ability to shoot in manual mode, giving the photographer the ability to control variables such as shutter speed and aperture. Another interesting development in smartphone tech is the ability to shoot in RAW footage. Perhaps the most decisive conclusion to the story is that major manufacturers of DSLR, such as Nikon and Canon, have stopped production of the cameras and focused energy on new mirrorless cameras. 


So does this mean that DSLR cameras are done for. Probably not. Professional photographers still find greater artistic freedom in their use and can still produce high resolution photos for large format print that cell cams can’t. But like vinyl albums and DVDs that came before, the DSLR camera is becoming a part of a niche market that caters to enthusiasts.

Written by Ivan Young



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Barriers to Entry in the Clothing Industry In his poem “Couture,” Mark Doty says, “The world’s made fabulous by fabulous clothes,” and in a pre-pandemic world he might have been right. But following the pandemic, supply issues, an increased reliance on digital retail culture, and a larger emphasis on sustainability have shifted the world of fabulous clothes.


Today’s entrepreneur has to be well-versed in social media and digital retailing, must be linked in to the political issues important to Generation Z and Millenials, must move away from the clothing industry’s insistence on the way things have always been done just to get a foot in the proverbial fashion door. 


There are a number of barriers facing the business person considering an entrance into the clothing industry. Fabulous clothes are not all that make the industry as we now know it thrive, and the savvy fashionistas looking to make a start need to consider the obstacles they face.


The Pandemic Effect


Post-COVID, skyrocketing inflation has driven companies to raise prices. McKinsey reports that “72% of fashion executives plan to increase prices in 2023” to cover rising energy, shipping, and material costs. But wages have not kept pace with inflation, which means today’s consumer doesn’t have the extra cash flow to pay higher prices.


Unfortunately, industry costs are driven even higher by continuing supply chain issues that were created by the pandemic. Because the fashion industry is so fast moving, companies have had to pay increased shipping prices to keep pace or make changes in their business models to rely more heavily on cheaper overseas labor to balance costs.


The result for the dollar-stretched buyer has been a decreasing interest in fashion. A Business of Fashion Study shows that 50% of industry professionals feel that interest in fashion has fallen since 2019. The problem is made worse by consumers’ largely pandemic-driven reliance upon online shopping. This has watered the market because of a larger pool of competition and caused a higher rate of returns due to a lack of sufficient tools to properly address customers’ needs digitally.


The Digital Market


Online shopping has created a number of barriers for the industry, not the least of which is the direct-to-consumer model. The fact that companies can cut out the time-consuming and expensive process of creating brick-and-mortar spaces should be a boon, but in an industry that relies on tradition, it means today’s owner must pivot to understanding online environments and honing social media skills. Furthermore, fashion’s need to quickly interpret the cutting-edge in the mercurial world of trends has only been accelerated by the even faster environs of the online world.


Not only do business owners need to understand how to conduct business in an online environment and to interpret marketing analytics in that space, but they also need to be versed in social media strategies and optimal promotional strategies for each platform with which they engage. Furthermore, they have to build a cyber-secure business plan in a world where the average data-breach costs $3.28 million. Finally, business owners who deal in the online world will need to develop tools to make online buying more reliable for the shopper, such as sizing tools and “digital try-on” technologies.


The Image Problem


In a world of sustainability, the clothing industry has an image problem. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that “fashion creates 40 million tons of textile waste annually,” that much of the waste is unnecessary, and that highly recyclable materials such as cotton are only being reused at a rate of less than 1%. The image is made worse by the fact that the fashion industry is among the world’s worst producers of carbon emissions.


The new clothing business then must deal with a distrust of the industry and try to build a more sustainable plan, including an increased focus on eco-friendly materials, a commitment to recycling materials, retooling of factories to decrease emissions, and a move toward responsible sourcing. In addition, current consumers look for attention to diversity staffing and representation, with a desire, for example, on more plus size fashions and more gender-neutral clothing geared for non-binary populations.

Written by Ivan Young in partnership with Arena Prints screen burning service.

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DSLR vs Smartphone for travel  



DSLR vs Smartphone for Travel Photography


The evolution of the smartphone has challenged the status of the stand-alone digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) and drawn a line in the sand between those who yearn for a great social media picture and professional photos. The ultimate question on many minds is, has the DSLR camera become obsolete? The answer is a resounding NO.


Mobile phone technology has indeed accelerated a media boom that flooded the open web, which currently has more images and videos than living human beings. But good photography is so much more than applying a simple filter and software can only take you so far. Capturing the raw essence of real-life with dynamic lenses will forever be what separates a snapshot from a work of art. When planning your next trip, you'll never regret taking your DSLR camera along with you on your journey. 


You Won't Be Stuck With a Limited Lens When You Pack Your DSLR


One of many things that can't be achieved with smartphone photography is swapping lenses that can capture wide angles, far away figures, and fast-moving targets. This specific limitation makes it impossible to go the distance when faced with the vast amount of nuances photography brings. Smartphone lenses are typically limited to 28mm, but with a DSLR camera, you can use hundreds of different lenses to capture the perfect shot no matter the environment.


Background Compression Can't be Done on a Mobile Phone


Making subjects stand out using telephoto zoom to create background compression is a trending style that can only be done with a DSLR camera. This particular lens function makes background elements appear closer and exclusively shifts focus to the subject in your photo. This feature works exceptionally well when dealing with a claustrophobic backdrop, and the overall composition of your image will be much more balanced.  


Settings Make a Big Difference


Some of the most critical components that create mind-blowing photos is the ability to control shutter speed, shift aperture, and change focal lengths. The freedom to tweak these elements adds a layer of pro-quality to pictures, and this turns good photos into legendary imagery. Built-in smartphone settings do the thinking for you, and even though this may work some of the time, being able to control your own settings is needed to tackle more complex photography environments.  The newer Apple & Samsung platforms both feature wide-angle and telephoto capabilities, but pale in comparison to the lenses of the modern DSLR.




Pictures are most definitely worth at least a thousand words and capturing experiences in the absolute best way that they can be will cement life's most epic experiences in time. If you decide to take a DSLR camera on your next adventure, investing in quality travel products to protect your equipment is vital. A padded and insulated camera backpack will give you space and disguise your equipment bag. In addition, photographers should be savvy when pulling out cameras when abroad and insure all equipment before departing.


Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with outdoor and recreational fabric retailer



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Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer  


Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

While many of us have access to high-quality cameras, the role of the professional photographer in today’s world is as important as ever. Things like lighting, multiple lenses, experience and editing software, liability insurance are all part of a professional photographer’s toolkit that go beyond the skills of the hobby photographer. Hiring a professional to capture life’s big moments – such as graduations, weddings, or selling your home – can allow you to be ‘in’ the experience more fully, rather than stressing about how to get all the photos you want. Here’s what to consider when deciding whether to hire a professional photographer for your next event.


The right equipment


Most professional photographers have high-end equipment that is more finely tuned than amateur camera equipment. From an assortment of specialized lenses and lighting props to sophisticated editing software, it’s a kit that very few novices have the time or funds to accumulate. For example, camera lenses that reduce distortion and create shots that require minimal editing would cost a fortune if you were to buy them yourself. A photographer’s professional toolkit allows them to create images beyond what a point and click camera can achieve.


A wealth of experience


However, it’s not all about the camera, and an expensive photography kit can’t make up for a lack of experience. A professional photographer must know how to properly use their equipment to capture your vision. You’re paying for that experience. During a family event, you want someone who is familiar enough with the gear to make quick, seamless adjustments to lighting changes instead of fumbling with lenses and camera settings.


Beyond technical knowledge, professional photographers bring their artistic experience – their own unique sense of timing, composition, lighting, and angles – that is born from their background and preferences. Consider looking through any potential photographer’s portfolio of work before hiring them, and if their artistic eye is a good match with yours, you’re in luck!


The stakes can be high


When it comes to something like selling your home, photographs can have the power to make or break a sale, especially now that remote viewings and purchases are becoming more common. Photographers who specialize in real estate photography partner closely with realtors and have a clear understanding of what does or doesn’t work. When staging a home for a photoshoot, it is often the photographer who understands which items to remove (such as family photos and memorabilia) in order to depersonalize your home (without taking it too far).


The stakes are also high during big life events, such as a wedding or graduation, because timing is everything. You won’t get a second chance to re-do photos that didn’t quite turn out right. Most photographers have experience in the arts of posing and finding flattering angles, as well as putting people who are camera shy at ease. You won’t have to be responsible for gathering and positioning family members into configurations that may or may not look good. Instead, you can just enjoy the day.


Whether you need to photograph your home, family event, or even your small business, hiring a professional photographer takes the burden off you to fulfill that role. A professional photographer’s equipment, knowledge and experience all combine to create images with a special ‘wow’ factor. Hiring a photographer to create art out of your event is an investment that will be well worth it in the end, because you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself knowing that your photos will come out great.


For all your major life events, turn to Masserman Photography to capture beautiful and compelling photos that will make your memories last forever!


Contributing writer:  Suzie Wilson,



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Post Covid family and individual portraits Post Covid Family &

Individual Portrait Photography

Life after over a year spent avoiding people has been challenging to say the least. The photography industry took a significant blow because of coronavirus restrictions, but as we enter the post COVID era, getting back to normal may not look as familiar as we thought it would. The year and a half in the pandemic pressure cooker has changed the human experience, and the photography industry has only begun to interpret what we have experienced in various ways that will surely display the vast nuances of feelings that so many around the world have encountered.


Ultimately, what we deemed as important and capturable has shifted, and new photography trends in both the family and individual portrait space have emerged along with the way we conduct business.


Where we Find Happiness has Changed


What we thought was once unworthy of being captured on camera because it was too simple, raw, or constituted as boring is now precisely what people want to see. Humanity in our natural state and the happiness, joy, and beauty in everyday moments is now being splashed across digital and print media. The perfect photo isn’t entirely out, but there is most definitely more creative freedom that can be taken, which allows those being captured to find radiance and presence in their natural habitat.


Photographers Will Have Hard Decisions to Make


With vaccines steadily gaining momentum in the U.S., many if not all states have lifted much of their COVID-19 restrictions. But the umpteen Americans that have yet to get a vaccine (or booster shot when it comes time to do so) are still under older regulations posed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and this means that photographers will have hard decisions to make in the coming months.


Sanitation procedures should still be adhered to, and social distancing and masks may yet be needed for any unvaccinated clients that are served. However, communication and creating structured policies that are based on recommendations from organizations such as the CDC can help photographers navigate the still murky waters caused by the coronavirus.


“Getting Back to Normal” Will Take Some Time


Above all, patience and innovation are the keys to success in the post COVID era. Beefing up marketing, running specials, and hosting events are all great ways to get people out of the house and on-location for photoshoots. In addition, focusing on the experience and pure enjoyment of taking pictures is a great way to get your clients excited about getting professional lifestyle portraits taken.


Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Werever, an outdoor kitchen cabinet retailer.


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What do brides expect from photographers post covid? What do Brides Expect from Photographers post-COVID?






The demonstration of celebration, belonging, and fellowship that is part of the wedding ceremony was something that became dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic, which was one of the most challenging times in human existence. The new era of weddings will be impacted by the social, physical, and economic shifts that the pandemic caused, and capturing your special moment in a picture could permanently be a different experience. Here are a few things that have changed in the wedding photography industry that could impact your photoshoot.


Many Photographers Have Evolved Small Wedding and Elopement Offerings


Unfortunately, the large traditional wedding is going away and was slowly on its way out even before the pandemic. More intimate shoots with just the bride and groom are taking the place of large group photos, and smaller, more personalized ceremonies are a growing trend. This change means that creative wedding photos are also on the rise, and photographers have evolved their offerings to include boldly creative backdrops and whimsical settings to create epic images that can be either digital or printed in albums.


Safety Protocols Are Still in Place


Sanitation and safety are still top of mind for photographers, and some social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and mask-wearing will be part of the photography experience for at least the rest of 2021. Photographers will likely still request that any clients or members of a wedding party reschedule if they feel unwell. Safety protocols will also impact scheduling, locations, and the number of participants to ensure that crowding doesn’t occur and that there is enough time to sanitize in between sessions when shooting in a studio.


Outdoors are the New Indoors


Being outside was one of the only safe places to gather during the pandemic, and outdoor weddings are still holding strong. Wedding photos embedded in a natural landscape will continue to grow in popularity, and the unification of love and nature will be trending strong for years to come.


We Could be Heading Into the Busiest Wedding Season Ever


With vaccines now widely available, larger gatherings are starting to trickle back onto schedules slowly but surely. According to The Knot’s 2020 Real Weddings Study, 96% of couples decided to postpone their weddings until 2021 and 2022, and this means that the next 24 months just might be the busiest wedding season that we’ve seen in a very long time. For those who fall into this category of changing wedding plans, it’s essential to communicate with photographers about availability as soon as possible. This will ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime occasion is captured in a way that can be passed down for generations to come.


Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Silver Superstore, a designer silverware wholesaler.








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What makes high school graduation portraits so popular? What Makes High School Graduation Portraits So Popular?





Most people can probably remember their senior year portrait. It’s such an epic moment in most people’s lives that genuinely wraps a huge benchmark: graduating from high school. Here’s when a lot of things start changing. Most people move out from their parent’s house to begin their official adult lives, many others move out to college, and their senior portrait is the perfect way to commemorate everything they’ve done so far.

But senior portraits are nothing like they used to be. Senior portraits have come a long way since the local photography studio days. Nowadays, more and more high school graduates are arranging elaborate photoshoots to commemorate this fabulous milestone. Let’s look at why senior photos are so popular.

1. They’re a Celebration

Graduating high school is a reason for celebration. They’re an excellent way to memorialize this grand moment in your life. Many parents give professional photoshoots to commemorate this date as a reward for seniors.

Senior photos can be a fun experience that will result in beautiful photos that you (and your family) will hold dearly forever.

2. Express Yourself

Sure, you’ll have classic high school graduation portraits taken at school. But senior photoshoots are perfect for expressing yourself. You are as unique as it gets, and these types of photoshoots give you an opportunity to personalize your graduation photos.

Unlike school portraits, you can get to dress up and try different locations that capture your true self.

Most senior portrait photoshoots let you change outfits, use makeup, or bring props to remember the important things in your life at this moment. So, for example, if you’re a football player, posing with your football, uniform, and even your teammates can make for a fabulous keepsake later.

3. They’re Great Gifts

High school graduation portraits are no longer dull. When kids and their parents schedule professional photoshoots, they actually get back photos they want to use.

You can later use these photos for your graduation announcements, to send out invitations, or just to freshen up your Instagram feed.

Many photography packages include printing options for photo albums, cards, and even canvases that make great gifts. Customized graduation announcements using your photos are a great gift idea that people will get to keep.

Senior portraits have changed a lot in the past years. With social media, filters, and short videos on the rise, it wouldn’t surprise us to see those formats becoming the new normal in the future. You only graduate high school once, so have fun and make your high school graduation portraits worth remembering with a fun and unique photoshoot.


Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Seattle Fabrics, an outdoor and recreational fabric retailer.



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Smartphone Food Photography Tips Smartphone Food Photography Tips




Whether you are looking to promote your restaurant or cafe on Instagram, or just looking to take photos of your food to share with friends, there are a number of tips to keep in mind.


In a commercial setting, customers have come to expect top-quality images of your food. If your images look blurry and unappetizing, many modern diners will be put off from visiting your restaurant.

Images are definitely one of the top selling points for modern eateries. Pay attention to some of these top tips for taking great images with your smartphone.


Find natural light


When taking pictures of food with your smartphone, you will want to place your dishes near a source of natural light. However, there is a balance to be found - while artificial light will definitely make your images look harsh and abrasive, you can create undesirable shadows if the sunlight is too strong unless you use a soft white reflector.

Taking your photos in early morning or late evening could be best, as you will be working with a natural backlight while avoiding the glare of the midday sun.Your food will look at its freshest and most delicious in a backdrop of natural light!An extra hint: tap your smartphone when taking a photo to control the exposure level. This will help you take a photo with just the right amount of natural light.


Consider your angle

Your smartphone has a wide-angle lens - take advantage of it! You will need to think about the type of food you are photographing. For example, you would want to take a photo of a pizza directly from above. This will make sure all toppings are in the shot, and the pizza looks as large as possible.

If you are working with a ‘stacked’, tall food like a burger or ice cream sundae, take the photo from a flat angle which is level with the food. This will help to give an impression of the food ‘towering’ high and allow the viewer to see all the details.

Find a neutral background

Your smartphone food pics are going to look at their best if they are taken against a background of neutral color. The food should be the star of your image, so ensure that background distractions are minimized.

Similarly, you want your food to be resting on an unremarkable plate with any drips or unintentional marks cleaned up.

To avoid distractions, a good rule of thumb is to keep your smartphone as close as possible to the food. Of course, you still want it to be identifiable, but reduce the number of background distractions to as close to zero as possible.

Avoid pinching to zoom!

You might be tempted to zoom in with your smartphone to get a clearer shot of your food… but please do not do that! Using the zoom feature distorts the natural light and produces a more unnatural image.

The best thing you can do is adjust the lighting or move your smartphone closer to the food.

Take plenty of photos

You do not want to be left with just one image to work with when it comes to post production. Take as many as possible so you can pick the perfect candidate! Experiment with different lighting, angles and presentation. You will eventually stumble on the perfect image to show off…


Jack Vale is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Werever, an outdoor kitchen cabinet retailer.


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On-Location Headhsots  



On-Location Headshots


Hunting for the perfect shot outside of the studio can be an all-consuming process for any photographer looking to shoot on-location. But the key to taking stunning photos outdoors or in another setting doesn't necessarily come down to plotting out the perfect spot. Learning the art of using your camera to find the beauty in any area, a bit of lighting, and keeping subjects at the focal point of photos opens the door to killer backgrounds that are unique to your clients' talents and personalities. The following tips and tricks will help any photographer take full advantage of shooting on-location.


Prep For Being On-location


Efficiently conducting a shoot on-location requires prep work and having the proper gear that's also mobile. The first step is to visit the location(s) you're planning to use as your background. If conducting your photoshoot onsite with a client in an indoor space, take a look around and see what items are available to you and assess the lighting. Stay away from fluorescent and incandescent lights as they will submit a yellow and blue lighting that looks very unnatural. 5000 Kelvin is as close as you get to natural sunlight. Today’s LED white lighting emits a more natural and flattering look, not to mention their health benefits compared to fluorescent light.   This will help you prepare the specific kit needed for your shoot and help you leverage any props, lighting, or furniture available at the location. Look for angles, lighting, and backgrounds that will fit your project, and make sure to schedule your photoshoot at a time when natural lighting is at its peak in the area you are shooting in. It is always best to bring back-up strobes with white reflectors (umbrellas) so that the lighting is soft and pleasing.


Manage Your Clients Expectations


Traditional photo studios have lost popularity over time since headshots taken outside of the studio often have a very different feel that's modern, fresh, and full of color. Communicating the difference in style and preparing clients for what to expect when planning to take photos on the move is vital. For outdoor shoots, investing in a diffusion reflector can make or break the quality of your photos. Harsh lighting will need to be tamed, but the right tools can use surrounding elements to enhance pictures.


Do Your Research Before Shooting


Taking photos in spaces that will put your project on the map enhances your work as a photographer and makes current, and future clients excited to work with you. It's generally allowed to photograph in public spaces, but it's important to check with local laws to fully understand if where you plan to shoot is actually public or private. Every state has different photography restrictions, and some may allow photography but require a permit if extra equipment such as a tripod or lights are being used. If you are shooting inside a building (shopping mall, museum, building lobby), you will likely need permission, and it's essential to get this before shooting. If you plan to stay in the confines of your clients' private business, you already have permission to shoot in that space, so you are clear for takeoff.


Dazzling photos await by venturing outside the studio and leaning into the thrill of shooting on-location will make your client's photography experience extraordinary. 


Abigail Baker is a writer with Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Seattle Fabrics, an outdoor and recreational fabric retailer.



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Fashion looks for the average person Fashion Looks for the Average Person


Finding flattering, practical, and fashionable looks for hotter weather can become a full-time sport in itself, especially when seeking versatile looks for both work and play. Sticking to core wardrobe pieces that create a timeless look, are comfortable, and work with your specific body type will help you dress your best every day. These trending warm weather looks will make sure that you stay cool yet styled this season.


Baggy is Back


The new work from home wave has impacted this year’s fashion trends, and the good news is that comfort is the new bold. This means that oversized dresses, jeans, jackets, wide-leg pants, and loose button-down shirts will all garner major style points. For maxi dresses, sheer fabrics are in but for a more modest look, try looking for partially sheer dresses or layered maxi’s that aren’t as revealing.


World Pastel Domination


Anything with color and vibrancy will make you look on-trend this season. Thinking pink and really any other bright color will help you stand out while staying in style. Floral and patterns are also in this season, and after over a year of being cooped up, donning fun sorbet pastel colors is a great way to emerge as the new you.


It’s a Wrap


The headwrap or scarf is a fantastic addition to this year’s trends that is convenient for those with busy schedules. Whether you choose to drape, wrap, tuck or tie your headscarf, it’s a great time to revive your collection of hand-me-down scarves that might be sitting in your closet. If you’d rather not rock the headscarf, using it as an accessory by tying it to your handbag or wrapping it around your neck is also a solution.


Easy Wardrobe Additions to Keep You On-Trend This Season


Firing up a new look for Spring and Summer 2021 can be as easy as changing up your color pallet. Simple, clean, and natural fabrics that don’t cling is the ultimate rule. The loose look can take any shape or form in shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, or tops. If you want to keep it super simple, grabbing a maxi, a couple of pastel-colored button-down shirts, and a pair of wide-leg pants should tie you over until the Fall season.


Abigail Baker is a writer with Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Silver Superstore, a designer silver wholesaler.



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Is Moissanite Nice for Engagement Rings?



The green revolution has come to the jewelry industry, and the moissanite movement is continuing to capture buyers that are switching to this gorgeous gem for their engagement ring of choice. This rare gem that can now be made in a laboratory was initially discovered by chemist Henri Moissan, and is currently being used as an equal yet environmentally friendly rival to the diamond. If you're not quite sure if moissanite is suitable for you, the answers to these frequently asked questions should help you to make the right decision.


How is moissanite made?


Pressurized and heated silicon and carbon creates a silicon carbide bond, which is the third hardest compound on the planet. Moissanite crystals are then cut and polished to perfection by faceting vendors for use in fine jewelry. Moissanite is inspected just like diamonds and is scored on a scale designed explicitly for this gem. Cut, carat, and weight specifications are scored similarly to diamonds, and moissanite gemstones require a highly trained eye to tell apart from its diamond counterpart. 


Why moissanite versus a diamond?


The benefits of moissanite are endless. First and foremost, it's one of the most ethically responsible consumer products that you can buy because there are no environmental or human rights repercussions that result from sourcing this gem. Secondly, since many couples are now choosing to marry later in life and scale down weddings, saving money on the engagement ring and using those funds to start a life with loved ones is a better investment for most partners. Finally, moissanite is much kinder to wallets and is also exceptionally durable, which makes it the perfect ring.


Can moissanite really be classified as a fine gem?


The short answer is an absolute YES! The brilliance that moissanite ensues is pure fire, and a rainbow of brilliant color reflects from this stunning gemstone. Gems are characterized by their hardness, luster, color, clarity, cut, carat, and rarity. Moissanite scores a 9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, which measures a gem's susceptibility to surface damage. Each cut gem is inspected and benchmarked against a scale to rate its luster and other broad characteristics.


What's really wrong with diamonds?


The diamond industry has been tainted by war, human rights violations, and child labor abuses. In the past 15 years, there has been a global push to eliminate the sale of diamonds. Consumer preferences have also changed, and millennials are buying fewer diamonds because of the cost, look, and environmental/human rights issues surrounding this glittering gem. For the new generation of jewelry buyers, moissanite is the gem that represents the ultimate American Dream of financial independence and durability.








(Masserman Photography) engagement rings gem moissanite Fri, 23 Apr 2021 21:35:36 GMT
Spring 2021 Jewelry Trends  

Spring Jewelry Trends 2021


With 2021 firmly underway and the spring season just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at some of the latest jewelry trends that are setting the world alight.


Spring will place more of a focus on lighter pieces, as we move away from the darker and moodier tones of winter. Since we are following on from 2020 - a year that was terrible for pretty much everyone worldwide, there will be even more movement than usual towards light and celebratory pieces of jewelry.


Mismatched Pearls


Pearl necklaces and other pearl accessories are making a strong reappearance in 2021. However, these are usually a far cry from the perfectly formed and fragile pearl necklaces you might imagine the likes of Lisa Simpson wearing.


The pearl accessories trending for spring 2021 are more of a statement piece characterized by their pearls of mismatched shapes and sizes. They also tend to be larger than pearl necklaces of the past.


Hammered Metals


A smooth finish is not the only way to present precious jewelry. An uneven and imperfect texture created by hammering metals such as gold can make for the perfect presentation. This is nothing new for 2021 - it has been done for years - but it is now being seen in many lines for this spring.


The texture of hammered jewelry gives off a much more natural feel. They look as if they could have been taken straight from the earth and placed on the model. Acme Studios produced a great example of oversized, hammered copper as seen below:


This oversized earring is similar to many trending pieces in spring 2021. It is characterized and draws attention because of its imperfect look and lack of a smooth finish. This is absolutely a piece you want if you are searching for a statement jewelry trend for 2021.



Colored Necklaces


Think Mardi Gras beads, but a little toned down. Color is important, and rainbow necklaces like the one below is in:

Much smaller colored necklaces are also trending upwards for spring and summer 2021. Everyone needs a splash of color in their lives after the testing times we have had lately!


Note the pearls and shells attached to the colored necklace above. These are great additions to help any piece of jewelry stand out from the crowd. Of course, the presence of shells points to the proximity of summer and kick-starts a chilled-out beach vibe!







(Masserman Photography) spring jewelry trends 2021 Mon, 29 Mar 2021 18:33:56 GMT
Proposal location ideas in Michigan Romantic Proposal location ideas in Michigan





Asking the one you love to be a permanent part of your existence is an extraordinary moment that deserves an exceptional place to pay homage to one of life's most defining moments. Michigan has some of the most beautiful countryside escapes in the U.S., and it's easy to find a stunning backdrop to share with someone that you cherish. These five beautiful places around this pleasant peninsula will delight couples and make your proposal a moment you'll never forget.


Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Popping the question at this location will surely turn into a weekend celebration at this gorgeous old-world hotel with lush landscaping and the world's longest porch nestled in Lake Huron. This unique destination will transport couples to another place, and its spirit of peace and tranquility will freeze celebratory moments in time and stay with those who visit forever.


The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

Nothing echoes the essence of love more than plant life, and the gorgeous Belle Isle conservatory highlights divine displays of rare flora nestled in a 982-acre island park. Whether inside the greenhouse or elsewhere on the grounds, this lavish Michigan nature escape is filled with romantic getaways that are perfect for popping the question. Couples who choose to stay indoors have five separate biodomes to choose from, and if you can find a spot near the orchid collection, it is guaranteed to be one of the most impressive sights at the conservatory.


The Detroit Institute of Arts

For the creative souls looking for a scene that brings an artistic vibe to your special moment, the legendary Detroit Institute of Arts is the place to be. The space's international wonder brings a light energy to its surroundings, and the richness of each art collection is genuinely breathtaking. The marble walls will embrace couples as they take the first step in their engagement, and there's no better way to celebrate first adventures as betrothed beings than to gaze at art after a perfect proposal.


Z Lot

If you're looking for a more urban setting that's both vibrant and colorful, look no further than the Z Lot. A collection of public art, music, and food make this part of Detroit the place to be, and the energy of this legendary town will make proposals set here a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Couples can and should revel in wanderlust afterward and take in the surrounding area and art that make this place so unprecedented.


Tahquamenon Falls

Starting the first day of the rest of your life surrounded by water's restorative powers is a symbol of lifelong fluidity and unity that will make couples feel more in tune than ever. This vast State Park contains 50,000 acres of untouched woodland, and these large waterfalls are the perfect scenic escape to gaze upon before, during, and after a proposal.


The Sky is the Limit


Michigan has a wide array of scenic backdrops couples can choose from that will highlight the beginning of their engagement. No matter where couples end up, stepping outside your door in a state so full of wonder will never disappoint. There is something for every pair in Michigan, and the setting or backdrop that suits you and the one you love can easily be found.




Abigail Baker is a writer with Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Abby Iron Doors, a wrought iron door manufacturer.




(Masserman Photography) engagement location ideas proposal Mon, 29 Mar 2021 18:19:58 GMT
Outdoor People Photography Tips


Outdoor Photography Tips


Are you preparing to take some more striking photographs of yourself or other people in the great outdoors? With COVID-19 restrictions hopefully easing over the coming year, you will be able to explore more locations and search for some of the best areas to do photoshoots.


Location is one of the keys to taking great shots outdoors because there are so many factors that can be affected by it. From background to lighting, the location of your photo makes all the difference when it comes to the quality of the shot.


Read on for some quick tips about capturing that perfect shot outdoors!


The importance of location


It’s pretty simple to pick out some classically-beautiful locations such as a forest, lake or meadow. Nature holds plenty of awesome photo opportunities, but how can you get a bit more experimental? Consider a couple of locational choices that you might not usually go for. How about an abandoned building, beautiful backyard scenery, staircase or car?


Many outdoor locations actually offer interesting props that the subject of your photograph can pose with. Whether it’s a tree to lean up against or a bridge to stand on top of, an outdoor environment offers endless opportunities for interesting photos when compared to a sterile studio setting.


Always consider lighting


When outdoors, lighting is usually controlled by factors outside of your influence. From the changing of the seasons to the time of day, lighting can transform the mood of a photo. In winter, it is much more achievable to produce darker photos in which your subjects are shrouded by mist or fog. In the summer, you are going to see some brilliant beams of light that illuminate all the features of the people in your photo!


Do be careful here though - you will want to keep people out of intense sunlight because they are likely to squint or begin sweating. This could definitely ruin the mood you were aiming for! Try to shoot in spaces of open shade if you are taking photos on a very sunny day.


As a rule of thumb, it is generally easier to get aesthetically-pleasing and balanced photos on rather overcast days. Sunny days can sometimes be too harsh, and clouds do a great job of keeping things light without having sunbeams messing around with your lens.


‘Golden hours’ that are great for avoiding harsh shadows are 2-3 hours after sunrise and 2-3 hours before sunset. In the middle of the day, you are more likely to get harsh glare from the sun shining directly above the people in your photo.


Take plenty of photos!


You never know when a dark cloud might ruin your perfect shot, or a passer-by could block your view. Be sure to take a bunch of photos so you can pick the best ones to take to post-production. The people you are taking photos of might let a genuinely captivating facial expression cross their face for just half a second, so have your camera working away at all times.


Combine your resources to tell a story


So, you have lighting, your location and your subject(s). Your task as a photographer is to capture a human pose that complements your location and lighting in order to convey a message, mood or story.


When directing your subject, make sure you give them instructions on what to do with each part of their body so you can achieve this goal. You don’t want hands in pockets for a shot that is supposed to capture a mood of euphoria!


If you can successfully find an impactful location that does a great job of telling a story alongside the movement of the people in your photo, you are onto a winner.


(Masserman Photography) camera family lighting locations nature outdoors photography portraits Wed, 03 Mar 2021 21:27:33 GMT
Safe Photoshoots during Pandemic Times  

Safe Photoshoot Practices During Tough Pandemic Times


The coronavirus will forever impact the world in a significant way, and life will never be the same for the creative industry in particular. The free-flowing and uninhibited creative process often used to create stunning portraits and photos of every kind must be re-architected to match COVID-19 prevention protocols. Photographers should take a good look at how they conducted shoots before the pandemic and work to blend the best of their photoshoot norms with the new normal COVID-19 has brought. These do’s and don’ts will help both photography studios and freelancers flourish no matter what the future holds and are the perfect place to start in creating a new way of doing business.




Do create an official policy that you can communicate with your clients.

Once a formal infectious disease policy is crafted, make sure to post it on your website and create a document that can be sent over e-mail to your clients. Creating a policy that is clear, simple to understand, and easy to read will help your clients comprehend your expectations upfront and will also help them feel at ease.


Do make sure you follow manufacturer guidelines when disinfecting camera equipment.

Some of the most highly recommended disinfecting products for camera equipment are 70% isopropyl alcohol, disinfecting wipes, and plain soap and water. Be careful not to oversaturate your gear with moisture and try to limit the sharing of equipment and unauthorized handling.




Don’t allow sick clients or staff members to attend photoshoots.

Encouraging clients and staff members to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will help prevent your photoshoot from becoming a super spreader event. Creating a health questionnaire that clients can fill out before your shoot is advised, and don’t forget to check the temperature of everyone who is onsite. Clearly mark social distancing areas at the shooting site or in your studio, and make sure that you budget for extra masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, and spray disinfectant.



Don’t forget to research your city’s local guidelines and follow any capacity limitations along with CDC guidelines. Avoid packing your schedule so that clients overlap. There should be enough time in between each appointment to thoroughly sanitize your equipment and/or studio. Remember to sanitize high touch areas before, after, and between shoots and sanitize main congregation areas.


Humans Are Highly Adaptable Creatures


With vaccines becoming available to everyone, photographers along with everyone else on the planet have begun to breathe a little easier as all parts of the business sector keep their fingers tightly crossed in hopes of returning to full business capacity sometime spoon. But for the months ahead and possibly the next couple of years, basic safety precautions such as masks, sanitation, and limiting mass gatherings may still be advised to avoid the resurgence of coronavirus variants and mass contagion. 


Change can be challenging, but the good thing is that humans are highly adaptable by nature and have the capacity to form habits very quickly. This extremely difficult time has made people appreciate artistic escapes more than ever and providing a holistic and safe atmosphere for photography clients is sure to be a much-needed getaway.



(Masserman Photography) challenging covid-19 family masks photography photoshoot sick Wed, 03 Mar 2021 14:38:07 GMT
Eight year old creates his own "school portrait" set Meet James.

This young man like many other children is at home during the pandemic learning remotely. Well, school portraits have stalled this school year for many children across the country. So when his mother contacted me and asked about having her son's school portrait taken at their home, I was ready to photograph the young man using natural backgrounds opposed to the "typical backdrop" used in schools. However I was not prepared when James enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity to create his own custom scene by arranging his mother's mum plants, pumpkins and hay bales.  I just let him do his own thing and only somewhat assisted by mom and he just had fun creating his own fall scene. In the real world of school portraits this would be an impossible and impractical approach, however having children to create their own desired backdrop scene allows for creative expression and undoubtedly a natural smile, which all parents hope to see from their child's "school portraits"

(Masserman Photography) creative fall masserman photography portraits pumpkins school Tue, 15 Sep 2020 09:41:18 GMT
Review of Flash Drives from These flashdrive are nothing short of well crafted. The handsome wood grain look makes for an impressive client gift. My newest logo imprinted clearly and I like the magnetic top and base since it secures well. The 16 GB that I had ordered is fast and compatible with both of Mac and PC platforms.  Priced very competitively (I compared to Amazon imprintable flash drives) and fast delivery and well packaged.  I highly recommend these flash drives from a service oriented company

(Masserman Photography) 16 drive flash GB grain wood Thu, 23 Apr 2020 20:07:16 GMT
5 tips to capture impeccable family portraits

5 tips to capture impeccable family portraits

Photography is beautiful and it has a lot to offer in terms of usefulness. There are many ways people can use pictures or videos. The footage captures by a motion activated hidden camera installed in a wild life reserve helps with research functions. Photography also has commercial purposes, as most of the pictures covering various magazines are products of photograph sessions. Even the family is benefitting from photography as it helps us save special moments. The use of family portraits is a good example of how much photography is important to the family. Here are five tips to help you capture impeccable family portraits. You may want to stick to them as ignorance of any of them may see your picture move from a good picture to an awkward picture a hidden cam captured.

Ensure the family members relax

Often times when younger children are tired or hungry, they become anxious. Some parents I notice, retaliate and demand the children behave or “You won’t get a treat” This is the wrong approach.  Children sense their parents’ emotions very easily.  So, I often have to train or retrain the parents to stay calm and use “nice” words to encourage the children to participate.  The photographer must be personable and likeable and relatable to children.  Making funny sounds and laughter encourages the children to have fun.  Most importantly, preparing the parents with younger children during a consultation will result in a successful photo session.

Take continuous photos

This is not a business portrait where you wait for an opportunity before you take the shot. Continuous shooting is best for family portrait with younger children for a number of reasons. You may capture an image that may turn out better than the one you took when you saw an opportunity. Nobody will likely complain when you take continuous shot. People may get bored when you take a single picture and ask them to switch stances. Family portraits are moving from the signature ones to the creative ones. This is one reason you should work with continuous shooting.

Let it not be a regular session

Long gone were the days when family photo shoots were stereotypical in nature. Times are changing and things are evolving. Family portraits are not the usual scenario when the father sits on a majestic chair with the mother and the children stand. On the other hand, the case of everybody sitting or everybody standing. The children had to be on their best behavior during those photo shoots and stay in that position long enough for the photographer to take the picture. These days, they allow children to goof around while the photographer takes the picture. You should work with the ideology of family portraits as a representation of fun and love in the family. Allow the kids play like kids and see it reflect the joy of family.

Avoid facing the sun or any strong light

The result of this is similar to having someone flash a bright light into your eye at night. You will squint your eye in reaction to that light. The same goes for taking a picture while under the sun. Avoid taking pictures under the sun. Instead, use the shade provided by tress. You should also ensure that you do not point your light directly at your subject while taking the picture in a lowlight environment. Instead, point the light upwards and use the reflecting light to illuminate your subject.

The part of editing pictures is as important as the part of taking pictures as well. If you can work the picture taking aspect, you will not have a problem while editing the pictures. I like to soften the skin and whiten the teeth and remove facial blemishes. Too much of editing tends to take away the realness of a picture sometimes. Make the photo shoot great and your pictures will come out beautiful without much ado.


Author - Junaid Ali Qureshi



(Masserman Photography) Family Portraits On Location Family Portraits Portrait Photography Mon, 29 Jul 2019 19:43:23 GMT
What to look for when hiring a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography

After years of planning and preparing, in a blink of an eye, your child’s mitzvah celebration is over.  All that’s left are your memories, some favors, your video and PICTURES.  For this reason, at Mitzvah List, we think one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your child’s mitzvah is who your hire as your photographer. 

Unlike many other professions, there are no licenses or regulations for photographers.  Anyone can pick up a camera and say that they are a photographer.  For this reason, we have consulted with Brian Masserman, of Masserman Photography to find out what mitzvah parents should look for when hiring a photographer. 

Brian, a distinguished professional photographer, with over twenty five years of experience, owns and operates a full service studio in Keego Harbor, Mi..  Not only has he and his well trained and experienced staff photographed thousands of local and destination Bar/Bat mitzvahs, but his studio also photographs family, high school senior portraits, weddings, on- location green screen printing services, corporate head shot, GLBT unions, custom framing, youth sports teams, and photo restoration services.  For many families, a simcha is not complete without Brian!  One word that truly describes Brian is PASSION!  He truly LOVES what he does.  After speaking with Brian, we are convinced that you should look for the following when hiring a photographer for your Bar/Bat mitzvah celebration:   

(1)   Hire a full-time professional photographer.  A part-timer that is looking to make extra money taking pictures may not be fully equipped nor does that person have time to properly edit and deliver your images in a professional manner.  You don’t want someone with a pop-up flash that does not have an arsenal of lenses, cameras and equipment, photographing your event.  You want someone with the latest technology that will continuously maintain his or her equipment.  A part-timer may take a few good shots, but they may not be consistent.  Remember, there are no do overs.  Your photographer has one chance to take the right shot.  You won’t see the pictures until it’s too late, so make sure you are hiring someone that loves what they are doing enough to make it their full time career.


(2)   Look for a photographer with lots of experience.  Event photographers are like professional golfers.  If they are not practicing, they will never improve their game.    Hire someone that has photographed lots of different types of Bar/Bat mitzvahs like orthodox, conservative and reform.   Make sure you ask targeted questions like what kinds of religious and non-religious photos do they take and how many years they have been in the field of photographing life events.  You will have enough stress on the day of your event.  You need a photographer that knows what to do and what shots to take.   An experienced photographer will be there early, dressed appropriately and immediately take charge.  You should not have to HOLD THEIR HAND!


(3)   Hire a photographer that will assist you in putting together your album. They should spend quality time with you after the photos are delivered.  You want to choose the right pictures and your experienced photographer will know which ones those are.  Have your photographer create a leather bound album that will be passed down from generation to generation.  Avoid the photo books that have very thin pages and don’t have a lasting and archival photographic paper.  And of course avoid those photographers that only offer you an electronic version of your photos without properly editing, retouching, cropping, color correcting and offering an online gallery your images!  That would be a complete disservice.


(4)   Hire a photographer you like.  You need to do an in person interview and make sure that your photographer is professional, patient, kind, easy going, but can also be pleasantly assertive.  Make sure your photographer understands your culture and family dynamic.  Ask yourself, is this someone I would want to have around my family and friends?  Your photographer will be with you for hours and hours during a very fun, but very stressful time.  It’s important to realize that it’s not only about taking the pictures.  Your photographer needs to make your family and guests feel good about themselves so they look good in the pictures.  It’s a good idea to have a portrait session of your child prior to your celebration to make sure you can work together. 


(5)   Make sure your photographer will enhance and retouch all of your photos.  Everyone, including super models need a little retouching.  Make sure your photographer will brighten your teeth, remove exit signs, eliminate shadows and even blur an unsightly background.  No one wants a picture of themselves with spinach in their teeth.  Your photographer should take care of this.


(6)   Get at least three references.  Not only should you call the references, but ask your other mitzvah vendors about your photographer. It’s a good idea to look for reviews on Yelp or Google.  Remember, this is an important decision. 


(7)   When it comes to photographers, it’s not about the price, it’s about the value.  Ask your photographer about their average price per print.  Don’t expect to pay the same price as your would from Costco, but you also shouldn’t pay $100 for an 8 x 10.  Remember, you are looking for quality.  It’s important to realize that true professional photographer calibrate the colors in your pictures to the colors that are printed in your photos.



(8)   Make sure your photographer is insured.  You want to have someone that not only has liability insurance, but almost indemnity insurance to compensate you if something terrible happens to your images.  A professional will make sure that they have proper insurance to protect both you and them. 


(9)   Ask your photographer how they back up your photos.  Make sure your photographer has several back-ups both on-site and off-site.  This is VERY important!  What happens if your photographer’s studio burns down or has a flood?  You want to make sure your pictures are properly protected, just in case!


(10)Ask about time frame.  You want someone that will give you your photos in a reasonable time.  We’ve all heard stories from mitzvah parents that they still haven’t seen their photos, months after their event.  Realize, you will not have immediate gratification (except for a few teaser photos), but make sure you are comfortable with how long it will really take. 


Photographing life events, including mitzvahs, can be difficult.  There is lots of emotion involved and you need to make sure that you hire the right person for the job.  Make sure this decision is not taken lightly.  Hire someone with a great reputation that will provide you with impeccable service and make you feel good about your decision.  If you are happy with that person then you may want to strongly consider hiring them well in advance for your other children now that you have built a relationship!

(Masserman Photography) bar mitzvah photographer Sun, 08 Feb 2015 17:54:03 GMT
From a Bird's Eye View. The best day I can imagine is one filled with taking photographs, any photographs. Capturing an image that appeals to my visual senses brings me a great deal of joy. I discovered that artistically there are multiple visual senses: color, design, composition,  as well as others but the most engaging shots I take connect with some personal history or individual aesthetic.

My personal history is rooted here in Michigan. I grew up here and take pleasure in my continuous exploration of my home's beauty. This is a place of many memories and artistic inspiration. 

With all of the recent Instagram filters and the iPhone cameras getting better and better with each release, photographers have to stay ahead of technology and trends by innovating new ways to capture the big moments. So my staff and I are always searching for new ways to explore photography. Recently we had a thought about a new way to photograph and film events: from a bird's eye view. 

The idea came to us in a lunchtime chat about Madonna and Sean Penn's wedding. All the paparazzi in helicopters filming from every angle imaginable. The quality wasn't the best but everyone got an inside scoop at the wedding! That thought led us to chat about how lately, there have been ariel shots/videos of landscapes and action sports buzzing about the world wide web...and BOOM! It hit us!

Our idea: Bring the bird to the event and take a look at event photography/videography

from another point of view.

The technology available today allows us to fly a very small, lightweight, remote helicopter indoors. The helicopter is made of mostly styrofoam and a small amount of soft plastic. The helicopter then has a harness attachment that encompasses the camera of your choice (for Masserman Studio this would be the GoPro Hero 3+Black). The combination of the helicopter and the incredible GoPro allows us to produce cinema quality video and amazing photos from an extremely unique angle. 

Imagine yourself in 20 years. You and your husband pop in your wedding video and not only do you get to see yourself from the point of view of your husband but your husband gets to see you the same way he did the day he said "I do"...the possibilities are endless.

What do you think? Would you like arial photography or videography at your event? If so what would you consider the value to be for this service?




(Masserman Photography) above and creativity event f"riendly from gopro great experience with masserman photography helicopter instagram knowledgeable" madonna networking penn people skills photography professional sean shot they were great videography wedding Tue, 04 Feb 2014 22:51:30 GMT
Check out what people are saying about us Pictures turned out better than expected. We are very pleased. Would return again.

October 25, 2013 


It was a great experience. Brian made my son feel very comfortable and it is reflected in the photos. The photos are beautiful. I would highly recommend Masserman photography. You will not be disappointed!

October 23, 2013 


Brian was very accommodating to my schedule and very personable. I am looking forward to viewing the photographs.

October 14, 2013  


Very professional, but very comfortable. Love our pictures.

October 14, 2013 


very professional and great pictures

October 04, 2013 


Brian did a fabulous job on my sons graduation photos and he was fun to work with! very creative. I would definitely recommend him as a photographer for any event.

September 27, 2013 


Great photography! Courteous service!

September 27, 2013 


Brian Masserman was quite personable and put us at ease, as did his assistant. They were open to suggestions, patient and knowledgeable; I would definitely use them again. Thanks for the Groupon, Masserman! Love and light, Kathy

September 16, 2013 


We had a great experience at Masserman Photography.

August 31, 2013 


Great photographer, excellent service, I am already planning to use him again 2 times!!! Thanks Brian!

August 20, 2013 

Very accommodating, friendly and would highly recommend his services.

July 24, 2013 


We had a great experience at Masserman Photography. Brian is a GREAT photographer who got some AMAZING shots, made us look great, and we had fun doing it! The prices are more than reasonable for extra shots and Brian was great to work with. We will definitely keep him in mind for all our future photography needs!

July 17,


Fun shoot with Brian!!

July 15, 2013 


Nice work. E.

July 08, 2013 


I loved the entire experience. He made it fun and made me feel so at ease.

July 03, 2013 


Brian was flexible and quick to fit our tight schedule. He is sharp and artistic.

July 02, 2013 


We absolutely love our photos and were treated in a very professional and personable manner. Brian Masserman was fantastic, quick, knowledgeable and very friendly. We will definitely be returning to him in the future.

June 25, 2013 



The process was quick and the pictures were nicely done.

May 13, 2013 


Very professional and great experience! I've already referred people to this business.

December 19, 2012 


We liked having the opportunity to have a picture taken on location of our family. He was very willing to work with us.

October 19, 2012 


I found Masserman Photography to provide great customer service. They were extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I am very happy with the photographs that were taken.

August 20, 2012 


They were great!

August 14, 2012 


Still working on packages to purchase, hope that goes well too?

June 06, 2012 


Thank you for making my session so easy!!!

May 23, 2012 


Nice pictures and nice attitude of staff.

May 12, 2012 


(Masserman Photography) great experience with masserman photography professional friendly and knowledgeable they were great Sat, 02 Nov 2013 14:32:26 GMT

Photography can be a very competitive career field. Job opportunities with newspapers and magazines are highly sought after, and freelancing careers can be difficult to establish. That said, many photographers become extremely successful in the field, with the top photographers sharing a set of ten top qualities that set them apart.

1.     Ambition
A great photographer is very ambitious and seeks out opportunities for work, following the industry closely and pursuing opportunities as they arise.

2.     An Eye for Detail
Great photographers pay close attention to detail and capture what's important. Conversely, they are also able to edit out small details that might take away from a subject in a photograph.

3.     Business Aptitude
A great photographer has keen business skills and can manage business aspects of a freelancing career, including finances and marketing.

4.     Creativity
The creative "eye" is an integral part of photography. Great photographers are able to intuitively judge what makes for a great photograph -- and what should be done with lighting, composition, and focus to make that vision a reality.

5.     Familiarity with Legal Documents
A great photographer is familiar with contracts, copyright laws, and other legal issues that may present themselves .

6.     Hand-Eye Coordination
A great photographer has excellent hand-eye coordination to manipulate the equipment involved in capturing top-notch photos. No shaking! Quick lens replacement!

7.     Networking Skills
Great photographers have savvy networking skills and can identify those who are important to know in the industry. They are able to approach important players and keep them informed of the work they do.

8.     People Skills
A great photographer has terrific people skills and can work well with clients and editors. The ability to put people at ease while they are being photographed is also key for portrait photographers.

9.     Self-Marketing Skills
Successful photographers have portfolios that demonstrate the quality and variety of their work. They're also able to adequately promote their services to find new customers.

10.  Technical Skills
A great photographer has excellent technical skills and can easily handle photography equipment, such as digital cameras and lighting, as well as software programs to edit photographs.



Source:  The Art Institutes (Photography Schools)

(Masserman Photography) ambition business aptitude creativity networking people skills Fri, 20 Sep 2013 14:51:42 GMT
Was there Instagram in the 19th century? | Masserman Photography The digital filters available to users of Instagram, Hipstamatic and other similar photography software applications give users an ability to mimic artistic photography styles. Not many actually take the time to find out what those styles are trying to replicate in the first place. Go back in time a little bit, however, and you’ll see that these artistic styles have been popular among photographers and others for years.


One of the more renowned early photographers who had an artistic bent was Julia Margaret Cameron, a British woman whose career was as short as it was impactful. She received her first ever camera at the age of 48, but from the minute it was in her hands, a passion to use the camera for artistic expression emerged.


She had many eccentric subjects for her photos, which mirrored the unique nature of her own life as well as the circle of friends that she kept. Victorian style, poetry and religion served as influences on her work. She snapped pictures of some of the most vibrant personalities in British society, including Alfred Lord Tennyson and Sir John Herschel, both of which show up in multiple photos.


When she first started, Julia was not adept at using her camera equipment and suffered critically for it. During the year 1864, the Photographic Journal gave her work a scathing review and enumerated what it felt were its many shortcomings. However, as her work and talent grew, she gained a highly theatrical style of posing her subjects in famous scenes, which gained her a following largely after her death in 1879.


It’s important to see where we came from in order to know where we’re going. Masserman Photography and all contemporary photographers who see the art in what they do owe a great deal to Julia Margaret Cameron. We’re very aware of the power that photography has to express much more than just an image.

(Masserman Photography) 19th century contemorary photography instagram julia margaret cameron Thu, 05 Sep 2013 23:16:14 GMT
The importance of Syrian combat photography | Masserman Photography Combat photography is a difficult, heart-wrenching job, but the work of depicting images of conflict is very important to our world. Reporters in the field can talk about buildings destroyed or bombs fired, but nothing drives home the message of what war actually is like a picture of the action itself. Unfortunately, there are far too many times or regions of the world where this work is taking place.


Sometimes, you never get a chance to meet the person taking pictures behind the lens, putting himself in harm’s way just to document the truth. In return, the world is left with a snapshot of a moment in time in some of the world’s tensest situations. A soldier running, a car on fire or a bullet-riddled flag can create indelible images that stay with a person well after they put the newspaper down.


Some of these combat photographers are grizzled veterans who have seen action in many combat theaters, including recent ones that have formed all over the Middle East. One such professional is Goran Tomasevic, a Reuters photographer who was recently profiled in this article from The Washington Post. If you’ve seen any war photos from recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria, it’s likely that you’ve seen his work. Tomasevic has been covering wars since 1996, and his work is so renowned that you can find some on display at a Fall 2013 exhibit in the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC.


These images can do many things to a viewer. Some may be shocked by the raw nature of the images; many newspapers spend a lot of deliberation on war photos, deciding whether they’re too graphic for a readership. Sometimes they can be heartwarming when we see people in strife helping others who need it most. However, these images are largely educational, as they show us exactly what war is without any filter.


Masserman Photography knows that it’s important to document our tragedies. Without a good record of human history, we may be doomed to repeat a lot of awful mistakes. We’d like to salute combat photographers all over the world for the good work that they do in bringing conflicts from across the world onto the front pages of our newspapers for all to see.

(Masserman Photography) combat photography syria war photography Thu, 05 Sep 2013 23:11:46 GMT
It’s important to document your family’s life together | Masserman Photography Photography has a wonderful ability to document all of life’s important events. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and family reunions are often cause for celebration. A professional photographer can help you record images from these events while you’re left free to enjoy yourself or make sure that everything else is going as planned. Birth photography is one growing trend in the industry that falls into this category as well.


It may sound a little strange to have a professional photographer staying in the room with you while you’re in labor, working to deliver your child. However, it can be done tastefully, and many have been choosing to have a professional take birth photos as the pictures help many fondly remember the day of their child’s birth. Currently, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers boasts 400 members, many of them operating in the United States.


One Canadian birth photographer, an Alberta resident named Stephanie Werkman, recently had her work profiled in this piece from the St. Albert Gazette. This profile piece gives any reader a good idea of how tasteful birth photography can be accomplished and what it can provide for the parents.


Werkman only schedules about one birth photo shoot per month, ensuring that birth schedules don’t conflict, and is on call two weeks before the due date to ensure that the birth won’t be missed. Although there aren’t any official courses in birth photography, Werkman said that she’s found that it’s best to hang in the back and be fairly unnoticeable. The pictures she takes are usually snapped near the mother’s face, leaving anything private hidden by hospital sheets.


It’s important to document your family’s life together, and there’s no better time to start than the birth of a firstborn. If you have questions about birth pictures, Masserman Photography can help explain our services and what we can provide to new parents.

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Photography should be about mortality, vulnerability and mutability | Masserman Photography We are inundated with photos on a daily basis. Whether it is through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, it is impossible to go through your day without seeing photos of friends and their activities. No matter how frivolous the activity may be, some document their lives inside and out. They could be eating a sandwich or mailing a letter; it does not matter.

We have reached a point in culture where we are so oversaturated with media and images that the art and craft of photography has simply lost its meaning, its spark so to speak. Let me put it this way: many people, primarily those of younger generations, just don’t know what they have when it comes to photography. What does a picture mean to them? What does a picture represent nowadays?

A hundred years ago, most families couldn’t afford photographs; they were a luxury, dreamed about and salivated over. The only photos they could afford were of the recently deceased. Think on that for a moment; let it sink into your head. Photography and death went hand-in-hand. You go through your entire life, not being photographed and then when you die, you finally get that long-awaited snapshot. Back then, snapping someone’s photo was likened to capturing that person’s soul, his or her essence.

We have gone from photography capturing someone’s soul to capturing someone’s daily minutiae, certainly a case of going from one extreme to another. While photography is prevalent, is it necessarily relevant? If not, it should be, it needs to be, because…

Tucked away in your dresser is a small shoebox. Its contents consist of old family photos. There is a couple of your great-great uncle, who was a cop, accustomed to walking the beat. Then there are pictures of who you assume to be your great-great grandmother, many of which are of her in a strange and unfamiliar field, flowers in her hair and a smile on her face. She is…beautiful, goddess-like even!

While you have never met these people, they are still family, the only tangible evidence that your DNA has been on a strange and exhilarating journey. It is the story of you. Looking at these pictures fills you with nostalgia. You feel closer to these pictures than you do with members of your living and breathing family. What gives? Well, this is the essence of photography, its underappreciated soul, something that Facebook uploads can nowhere near compare to.

Susan Sontag says, “All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.” Time’s relentless melt – what a phrase! This melt is impossible to avoid, so all you can do is freeze a slice and break it off.

As you look at the picture of your great-great grandmother, you see some of your face in her. Such a relationship perseveres through time’s relentless melt. You had your great-great uncle and great-great grandmother share the same mortality, vulnerability and mutability.

You see? That’s the essence of photography – this mortality, vulnerability and mutability. That is something I provide with every photo I take. Hello. My name is Brian Masserman and I’m the owner of Masserman Photography. Welcome to the blog! For decades, we have specialized in the art of fine photography, covering everything from weddings to family portraits in the Southeast Michigan area. We have photographed people as young children in school to young adults getting married. We believe in the power of photography to chart the growth of the soul, not the intricacies of one’s daily grind. Photography should say something, should be an EKG of the soul. What do you think?

(Masserman Photography) morality mutability photography Susan Sontag vulnerability Thu, 05 Sep 2013 23:02:38 GMT
The slow photo movement | Masserman Photography Our digital world is one that is based on convenience and not always aesthetics. Electronic devices can quickly snap dozens of pictures and store thousands of images on a hard drive. This has undermined the entire notion of photography as a form of art. With Facebook and Instagram, any blurry, unfocused picture can be quickly shared with hundreds, or even thousands.


There used to be a time when people were alright with waiting for film to develop. In fact, many remember waiting in breathless anticipation for a Polaroid picture to magically come to life in their hands over the course of many minutes. Although the digital proliferation has irrevocably changed the entire practice of taking pictures, some are working hard to bring back the film photography style that dazzled camera users for generations.


When Polaroid discontinued its brand of camera film in 2008, many thought that the days of creating images from film exposures were long gone. Quickly, however, a number of former Polaroid employees teamed up and created the Impossible Project. The group’s goal is to create an alternative to Polaroid film that can be used with film cameras.


Oddly enough, young camera owners are taking to this movement as well as older users who would be more familiar with the film style of camera. Some see it as a means of escaping the over-digitalization of our world by choosing a style of picture taking that takes a longer time to develop. Some have even dubbed it the “slow photo” movement.


Developing pictures on film returns a product that is more artistic than digital photos; sometimes the color may be off, but that often contributes to the aesthetic atmosphere, and the lines are very sharp for the most part. The Impossible Project is even about to release a hardware device known as the Instant Lab, which can receive digital images from iPhones and other devices and print them out on film.


The convenience of digital picture taking will always have its fans, now that the digital age is here to stay. However, the resurgence of Polaroid-style film photography shouldn’t be understated. Masserman Photography realizes that many people want art in pictures, and not the kind that you get from an Instagram filter. If you have a photography project near Detroit or southeast Michigan, call us today to see how we can bring some aesthetic flair to your photo shoot.



(Masserman Photography) Polaroid The Impossible Project digital photography slow photo movement Wed, 04 Sep 2013 21:35:46 GMT
Authenticity is an essential part of photography | Masserman Photography As I stated in the first post, we are inundated with an incredible amount of image media in our contemporary society. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks receive thousands, maybe millions of picture uploads each and every hour. Digital filters attempt to recreate the sepia tinted, antique look of older styles of photography, but these have a hollow, fake feeling to them. There is still a tremendous amount of interest in authentic forms of photography from as far back as the 1800s.


Lomography is the name of a photographic development company born out of a hobbyists’ organization that first began around 1990. The company recently announced a Kickstarter campaign to finance the development of its Petzval camera lenses. Within one day, the campaign raised $500,000, five times the amount that Lomography was trying to raise.


The interest in the Petzval lenses surrounds the unique close focus created by the large aperture and small lens. This creates a crisp and clear focus against a blurred background. The Petzval was introduced to the world in 1840 and it quickly became a favorite due to its sharp focus and much shorter photo development time.


The blurring effect caused by the Petzval lenses turns what normally would be a simple portrait into a unique work of art. The small area of focus makes the subject jump out of a swirling, energetic backdrop. This puts the viewer’s attention squarely on the central focus of the picture and intensifies the response to the subject’s emotional state.


Digital photography services can try to create a vintage look and feel, but nothing beats the authenticity of the original. The Petzval creates an artistic style of photography that cannot be duplicated by digital cameras, which have lenses with a much larger area of focus. Lomography’s efforts all surround a return to older forms of photography in reaction to over-digitization of pictures. The amount of money they raised, and the short amount of time they did it in, shows that there’s a clear demand for artistic photography.


Masserman Photography sees the art in every moment. Let us capture a stirring image for you that Instagram can’t reproduce. Call us to see if we can serve your portrait needs in Southeastern Michigan.



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