From a Bird's Eye View.

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The best day I can imagine is one filled with taking photographs, any photographs. Capturing an image that appeals to my visual senses brings me a great deal of joy. I discovered that artistically there are multiple visual senses: color, design, composition,  as well as others but the most engaging shots I take connect with some personal history or individual aesthetic.

My personal history is rooted here in Michigan. I grew up here and take pleasure in my continuous exploration of my home's beauty. This is a place of many memories and artistic inspiration. 

With all of the recent Instagram filters and the iPhone cameras getting better and better with each release, photographers have to stay ahead of technology and trends by innovating new ways to capture the big moments. So my staff and I are always searching for new ways to explore photography. Recently we had a thought about a new way to photograph and film events: from a bird's eye view. 

The idea came to us in a lunchtime chat about Madonna and Sean Penn's wedding. All the paparazzi in helicopters filming from every angle imaginable. The quality wasn't the best but everyone got an inside scoop at the wedding! That thought led us to chat about how lately, there have been ariel shots/videos of landscapes and action sports buzzing about the world wide web...and BOOM! It hit us!

Our idea: Bring the bird to the event and take a look at event photography/videography

from another point of view.

The technology available today allows us to fly a very small, lightweight, remote helicopter indoors. The helicopter is made of mostly styrofoam and a small amount of soft plastic. The helicopter then has a harness attachment that encompasses the camera of your choice (for Masserman Studio this would be the GoPro Hero 3+Black). The combination of the helicopter and the incredible GoPro allows us to produce cinema quality video and amazing photos from an extremely unique angle. 

Imagine yourself in 20 years. You and your husband pop in your wedding video and not only do you get to see yourself from the point of view of your husband but your husband gets to see you the same way he did the day he said "I do"...the possibilities are endless.

What do you think? Would you like arial photography or videography at your event? If so what would you consider the value to be for this service?





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